Eleganza ~ Menswear Adverts [1969-1974]

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“Things happen when you wear Eleganza!”

They certainly do. These ads for mail order company Eleganza date from 1969-74.

“The boldest collection of dashing apparel and dramatic imported footwear anywhere. See eye-catching slacks: two-tone… double-knits… dashing designs, fabrics, colours… flared, pleated or straight bottoms! See attention getting suits: walking suits, slack suits, shirt suits! See sensational shirts, designed to make every head turn!”

“These will be the most talked about slacks in town! Legs fit close down to the knee… then they flare out to a giant THIRTY inches for as exciting a look as any slacks ever had!”

“Admiring glances will come your way as you step out in this brilliantly coloured. boldly patterned African print.”

“Style Power Plus!”

“See eye-catching slacks! See attention-getting suits!”

“Eleganza suits get things going!”

“Designed to make every head turn your way!”

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