Ethyl ~ Car Maintenance Adverts [1950-1952] Illustrated

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“There’s a big difference between a lion and a dandelion – and there is a powerful difference, too, between gasoline and “Ethyl” gasoline!”

This somewhat bizarre ad campaign by Ethyl gasoline ran from 1950 to the beginning of 1952. The ads each featured two different rhyming subjects (usually animals) cleverly illustrated to look alike. Some work really well, whilst other are just weird!

Very few of the illustrations were signed, but I have noted them where found. The known artists included Eric Gurney, Keith Ward & Erica Gorecka-Egan.


The blurb on these ads remained the same right up until the very end of 1950 when the first paragraph was altered to a shorter sentence, adapted for each ad. The second paragraph remained the same throughout 1951.

“”Ethyl” gasoline is high octane gasoline. That’s why it brings out the top power of your engine – makes a difference that you can feel on hills, on the open road, and when you need quick power for passing or acceleration.
“When you see the familiar yellow-and-black “Ethyl” emblem on a pump, you know you are getting this better gasoline. “Ethyl” antiknock fluid is the famous ingredient that steps up power and performance.”



The campaign continued into 1952 with at least three more ads. I love the cat/caterpillar!

“Because “Ethyl” gasoline is high octane gasoline, it brings out the top power of your engine. Try a tankful today and see if it doesn’t make a powerful difference in the performance of your car. “

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