Eversharp Pens ~ Stationary Adverts [1943-1946]

“How would YOU answer the $64 question”

These ads for Eversharp pens and repeater pencils date from 1943-46. The $64 dollar question referred to a popular radio quiz show of the time where $64 was the top prize.

“Give Eversharp and you give the finest. Whatever the occasion, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries – or gifts to the boys and girls in the armed services – you hit the Jackpot when your give an Eversharp! Because only Eversharp offers all this:

“Magic Feed that prevents ink leaking 0 high in the air or at ground level. Over-the-top, deep-pocket military clips. Eversharp satin-smooth points. Perfect streamlined balance and beauty. Easy finger-fitting comfort.

“Repeater pencils that feed new points like a machine gun when you press the Magic Button with your thumb. There’s no twisting. No fumbling. Lead follows lead automatically from six months’ supply that you drop into barrel — easy as dropping sugar into coffee!

Compare! Comparison proves – give Eversharp, and you give the finest!”

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