Fables and Fabulous Yarns: Knit Fashions for Boys & Girls [1970]

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I came across an amazing book of knitting patterns by Columbia-Minerva recently called “Fables and Fabulous Yarns: Knit Fashions for Boys & Girls” (1970). Not only does it the most fabulous photographs inside featuring floral backdrops and slightly creepy stuffed animals, but it also has a short story and poems written by Christie White Dauphin. Concept, photography & lithography by Low’s Inc.

Oh, and you could make the clothes too! Knitted pinafore, anyone?

“Children” said the tiger,
“your pride threatens the peace of our land.
Rob us of our coats and you rob yourselves of friends,
and when our coats wear thin on your backs you
will be lonely and cold too. Let us carry you home where you
can enjoy the fruits of the affectionate adults.”

The children heard his words and met
in council to deliberate the matter.
A few thought it more romantic to sneak home
under cover of darkness and gather yarns to knit for
themselves. But the majority said this was not a time
for romance. “All we can knit anyway is scarves and who
wants to go around all winter wrapped in a scarf
when we could have cardigans and dresses and caps and slacks
Let us return and reconsider independence when we
know better how to care for ourselves.”

Secretly relieved at being outvoted,
the few joined the many and they all set out at once
astride the larger animals. The adults were likewise
relieved and decided that henceforth they would
try to give their children a greater sense of freedom.

And so you will notice as you
read through our book that while the children and
their animal friends play happily together,
the grown-ups are not anywhere to be seen.
They are behind the scenes knitting.

Christie White Dauphin

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