Fleers “Dubble Bubble” ~ Chewing Gum Adverts [1942]

“Betsy does it for fun!”

These ads for Fleers “Dubble Bubble” chewing gum date from 1942. They were black and white, long half-page ads preaching the dental virtues of their gum.

The bottoms of each ad featured a pledge about wartime production:

“Especially desirable features of Fleers Dubble Bubble Gum are its bulk and “chewiness”. Should wartime restrictions interfere, we pledge to suspend the manufacture of Fleers Dubble Bubble Gum rather than offer this product without its characteristic bulk, chewiness and quality.”

“To Bud, Fleers is pure kid fun. Gosh, that’s what a fellow chews gum for, isn’t it… for fun?”

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