Fur-tastic Bathroom Accessories of the 1970’s

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Welcome madam, sir! Looking for some dubiously unhygienic fur coverings for your bathroom furniture? Well, step back into the 1970’s, you’ve come to the right place!

Let’s begin by covering your toilet system and lid, then adding matching rugs and carpet. Mmm, 14 ounces of velour.

And while we’re at it, how about a fur cover for your scales, waste bin, tissue box and toilet roll? The bows add that little something extra just not achieved by all that fur.

All yes, that’s what’s missing – furry door knob covers.

And if you really want to go all out, here’s a furry toilet seat too. No, I agree. It’s not for everyone.

What something a little more understated with a little less fur but added floral motifs and ruffles in an attractive magenta or lilac tone?

Not your colour? There are many colours to choose from. All the colours of the neon rainbow, in fact.

How about this neon green with pom-pom detailing?

Ah, I have it now. A lovely dark brown.

A nature fan? How about something smothered in butterflies or owls.

Or something with a geometric pattern and matching gown? Personally, I think this set is missing a trick by not colour matching the carpet and walls.

Ahh, now I have it. You would like your toilet to resemble a character from The Muppets, so completely encased in fur it can hardly be see. I have just the thing! It’s also drip dry.

No, I agree. That last one was a little bit too much fur. How about a lovely deep shag pile instead? We even have the option of tasselled fringe detailing.

Maybe buying ready made just isn’t unique enough for you? How about something home-made, with these crotchet and knitting patterns? We have some lovely blancmange themes.

OK, I give up. How about a lovely novelty toilet lid instead?

Original catalogue image thanks to SA_Steve, Retrospace and Wishbook!

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