Men’s Fashion Shoot [1971] “His Is Hers”

“Movin’ Together”

Ebony magazine’s April 1971 fashion shoot for men was based around a “what’s his and hers” theme, with the women wearing her man’s clothes. All fashions came from Jerry Magnin‘s store in Beverly Hills, who was the great grandson of Mary Ann Magnin, founder of I. Magnin.

“Gettin’ it together means sharing things with your man like his laughter, his worries and his own special way of ‘doin’ a thing,’ as brother Isaac Hayes puts it. In the world of fashion, the black man has traditionally had his own way of ‘doin’ a thing,’ and even when the rest of the male world went conservative, the black man retained a distinguishing flair and excitement in his dress. These exciting his is hers fashions from Jerry Magnin’s hip new Beverly Hills men’s boutique will provide the means for the black woman to also share her man’s taste in clothes.”

“Doin’ his own thing.”

“He’s his own man.”

“Super cool and casual.”

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