Home Improvements ~ DIY Articles [1969-1975] Popular Mechanics

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These are my favourite DIY and home improvement projects from various 1969-1975 editions of Popular Mechanic magazine.

Modern Air Decor [June 1969]

“With a bit of huffing and puffing – and not too much money – you can have a roomful of colourful, contemporary furniture.”

Build This Jogger-Walker [June 1969]

Build This Patio Firepit [July 1969]

30 Smart Storage Ideas [December 1969]

Prebuilt Saunas That Go Together In An Hour [February 1970]

“Booth-size saunas let tired businessmen unwind in solitary.”

Nesting Party Tables [August 1970]

“When it comes to storing, these individual serving tables are no problem. They all nest neatly within a lamp table to become part of it. You’ll find them handy whenever a small chairside table is needed to hold a drink, ashtray or TV sandwich. They’re perfect, of course, for a children’s party.”

Put Life In Any Room With A Rock-Garden Waterfall [December 1970]

“Moving water is always an attraction, and this indoor waterfall is no exception. You’ll enjoy its murmuring sounds and the admiring comments of you guests.”

Cookout Fun Indoors, Anytime! [December 1970]

“With this countertop grill you are ready for instant “cookout” fun indoors 365 days of the year.”

Build The Marvelous Fold-A-Majig [January 1971]

“It’s a sofa-bookcase, desk divider-wall or whatever you come up with. It’s inventor stopped counting when he reached 100 variations.”

The Light, Lustrous look of Glass – and You Can Make Them [March 1971]

“You’ll find Plexiglas a fascinating material on your very first try.”

Build This Patio Appliance Centre [August 1971]

“Wish you could use your kitchen appliances out on the patio? You can with this rolling appliance centre which offers a convenient plug-in counter for your electrical griddle, casserole, bun warmer, fondue pot, coffeemaker and other appliances normally used indoors.”

Ringbound Storage Wall From A Kit [September 1971]

“Freestanding yet rigid, these modular components can be expanded or changed.”

Bathrooms Go Plastic [September 1971]

“Moulded units for seamless installation now come in a wide choice of styles and colours.”

Instant Family-Room Theatre [November 1971]

“Mini theatre built in homeowner’s basement, was inspired by Jerry Lewis Cinema automated movie house. For family-room use, a Brunswick pool table becomes the fun centre of the room.”

Bold Ideas For Basement Family Rooms [January 1972]

Big Top In Your Basement [April 1975]

“This circus came to town and stayed.”

How To Create The Illusion Of A Sunken Tub [June 1975]

“Tubs in islands of shag carpet or slat-covered platforms add new look to the modern bat.”

Coffee Table Slide Viewer You Can Build [September 1975]

“This contemporary table leads a double life. With its illuminated top, it boasts colour-correct slide viewing.”

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