Inecto-With-Lustrium ~ Hair Care Adverts [1940]

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“You need never know Heartbreak-Age!”

These two ads for Inecto-with-Lustrium date from 1940. Inecto was a hair dye, and Lustrium a conditioner.


It started as the Mardi Gras – the night Bill danced every dance with “that vivid girl with the glinting copper coloured hair.”

“Am I to blame?” wept Jane, “if my hair’s colourless, looks old?”… “Yes,” said her friend, “but Inecto-with-Lustrium can remedy that.”

Bill’s eyes never stray far from Jane now! “You’re so alive, so vivid, dear!” her murmurs, enraptured by her glorious youth-like hair.

Life’s no party-at HEARTBREAK AGE!

Heartbreak Age – when the hair loses its colour and lustre, becomes unattractive, drab, old-looking, and the lady loses Love.

Discovery! – Inecto-with-Lustrium, the amazing hair colouring and conditioning treatment, goes into action!

Love Returns! – now that hair is once more full of radiant youth-like colour and glancing lights and that silky feel!

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