Kellogg’s “Gro-Pup” ~ Dog Food Adverts [1950-1951]

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“It’s made me what I am today!”

These ads for Kellogg’sGro-Pup” dry dog food date from 1950-51.

“Aw-please! Let’s eat!”

“GRO-PUP is complete in every way! Vitamins and minerals? All he is known to need – every day! Protein? Plenty! And it’s good rich protein – just right for sound growth, sturdy bodies! Fats? The correct amount needed for sleek, glossy coats! And a good
balance of fuel foods for bounce and play!

“GRO-PUP is easier, thriftier to feed! Savings? You bet – up to $1.00 a week, as much as 40% less than most canned dog foods. It’s the fastest, easiest way to feed your dog. Crisp, ready-to-eat ribbons! No mixing, no can openers, no refrigeration. Start
your pet today!”

“It’s got everything!”

“Hoot Mon… Nour-r-rishing!”

“Build a bouncy dog!”

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