Kenya Doll by Tyco ~ Adverts [1990’s]

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“The beautiful hairstyling doll.”

These Kenya doll adverts by Tyco are from 1992-95. The ads were aimed at mothers, rather than girls, and specifically African American women.

“Kenya, the doll she’ll love for all the right reasons.
Kenya will give your little girl hour of hairstyling fun. She can comb, curl, braid and bead Kenya’s beautiful hair, just the way you do hers.
Best of all, Kenya come in three natural skin tines, so your girl is bound to feel pretty and proud. All the reasons she’ll love Kenya.”

“Kenya, the foll that’s just like her. Remember when you used to play with your dolls? You have to make believe they were just like you.
Well, now you can give your little girl what you never had. A doll she’ll love because it really is just like her. Kenya, with hair she can braid and bead. Hair she can straighten or leave curly and natural.
Kenya will give your daughter hours and hours of fun while she’s helping your child to see the beauty that lies within herself. And her own family.
Kenya and Party Kenya (in her fancy dress and kente bag) come in three natural skintones. One is just like hers. Aren’t you glad you can give your daughter Kenya?”

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