Lucky Strike [1938-1942] Cigarette Adverts ~ Men Who Know Tobacco Best

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“Have you tried a Lucky lately?”

These ads for Lucky Strike cigarettes are from 1938-42. They all feature various tobacco experts at work, mulling over their dried leaves. Interestingly, very few included anyone actually holding or smoking a cigarette, it was all about the leaf.

“With men who know tobacco best – it’s Luckies 2 to 1!”

The ads from 1938-39 all featured tobacco merchants at auction.

“Uncle Sam sure did help!”

Woman began to appear in the ads in 1940, creeping about the tobacco fields. They also all praised Uncle Sam for helping make tobacco better than ever.

“Lady, you may know calico… but I know tobacco!”

From mid-1940 to early 1942, the ads all featured tobacco experts explaining the wonders of the leaf to their womenfolk.

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