Lucky Strike [1950-1952] Cigarette Adverts ~ Be Happy-Go Lucky!

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“Be happy-go lucky!”

These illustrated ads for Lucky Strike cigarettes date from 1950-52. Unfortunately I don’t know who the artist/artists were.

The ads from late 1950 and all of 1951 featured sprightly young women getting up to various shenanigans whist smoking. They also all had little rhymes dotted around the ads, like this one:

Come join me at the Mardi Gras
In dear old New Orleans,
Where Kings who know tobacco best
Give Luckies to their Queens!

“A Lucky Strike for all America! Buy U.S. Defence Bonds.”

The ads from the last half of 1951 all featured the US  Defence Bongs logo and a little rhyme in the bottom corner, like this one:

We welcome all new girl marines
Who come to Quantico.
Just like most men out here, I go
For Lucky Strike you know!

“Here’s why Luckies taste better!”

The layout changed a little in 1952, with closer head and shoulder illustrations and a quality bar graph showing just how good their product was. The rhymes and war bonds were no longer included.

“For a cleaner, fresher, smoother smoke…”

The ads from the end of 1952 all had red backgrounds and a pair of hands peeling apart a cigarette. The “Be happy-go lucky” slogan was moved to the bottom of the ad with “Luckies taste better” takings it’s place (and carried over into 1953).

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