Machine Knitting Chic ~ Craft Magazine [1990]

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“Elegant. Sporty. Excellent.”

This edition of Machine Knitting Chic was published in 1990 (no.5, £1.75) and included 30 over-ornamented jumpers with such wide shoulder that getting though doors must have taken some consideration. Note the copious amounts of orange eyeshadow used throughout.

“Folklore in a new version, a very wearable fashion hit.”

“Top-chic feminine patterns to flatter in precious yarns.”

“A special sweater to make a strong impression, black and white knitted as a motif, some added glitter, a very fashionable recipe.”

“Attractive and appealing, companion for the whole day.”

“Folklore influences fashion strongly and provides beautiful accents.”

“Strong red always looks good, especially with textured patterns. The other model looks at New York through glasses.”

“Softly swinging lines dominate this luxurious sweater. Romantic ladies will choose this. Harmonising colours, unobtrusive glitter – a sweater that will make you stand out.”

“Lilac as background a colour that will win. Decorative splendour with many details – you will enjoy the applause.”

“A band in lace, delicate pink with strong contrast these are the attributes for fashion. Graphic designs and cables always go well together.”

“Bows dominate two beautiful garments. Beads make them festive.”

“Elegance for festive occasions in pleasant form.”

“Highlights live by extraordinary colours to be irresistible.”

“Contrasts look well on a bright background.”

“Pastels are very popular and we suggest on the left a narrow dress with lots of pattern and on the right an intarsia sweater with shiny and brushed areas.”

“On the left shiny yarns mix in lovely harmony – on the right a white wool jacket with elaborate appliqué.”

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