Miss Piggy’s Aerobique ~ Exercise Workout Album [1982]

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“Dance movements so simple you can actually perform some of them in your sleep!”

This weeks Sunday Lounge Listening is something a little different, with Miss Piggy’s Aerobique, from 1982. With routines such as “Snackcercise” and “Sit Down”, this is a form of exercise I could get into. Tre excellent!

Using a remarkable aerobique approach based, in part, on the writings of the great Chinese sage Moo Shu, Miss Piggy helps you bring out the beautiful “inner vous”. Here are just a few of her revolutionary thoughts on diet and exercise:

  • Breathing properly is important. But where you breathe is important too. Do not breathe under the sink or in the back of the closet near the mothballs.
  • Sadly, many people believe that to be effective, exercise must “hurt”. Phoez! That is like saying you are not enjoying your ice cream unless you get an ice cream headache.
  • Watch what you eat very carefully. If it moves or makes a funny noise, send it back.
  • Always dress stylishly when you work out. Remember, the most difficult exercise is the exercise of good taste.
  • Moi does not thinque that people should stand on their ears or twist themselves into pretzels. It will just make you dizzy, and if you are not careful, you could end up having a terrible posture problem, like the Lunchbox of Notre Dame.

Side 1

  • Stereau Warmup
  • Snackcercise
  • Lift the One You Love
  • Exercise Your Rights
  • Dream Dancin’
Side 2

  • La Vie Aerobique
  • Sit Down
  • Lift the One You Love
  • Breathe Easy
  • A Little Chin Music
  • Hairobiques Made Simple
  • Au Revoir

It came with a this excellent “Bonjour, Exerciseurs!” poster. Magnifique!

Easy to follow instructions.

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