Movie Adverts [1940]

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“The wonder picture of all time!”

These magazine ads for movies are all from 1940.

  • Arizona
  • The Blue Bird
  • The Great Victor Herbert
  • Irene
  • My Son, My Son!
  • Swannee River
  • The Thief of Bagdad

The Great Victor Herbert

Starring Allan Jones and Mary Martin

“…To the tuneful rhythms of Victor Herbert’s grandest songs, Mary and Allan relive a glowing, glorious love story of Victor Herbert’s own Broadway, with Walter Connolly as the Great Victor Herbert.”

Swannee River

Starring Don Ameche, Andrea Leeds and Al Jolson

“Those colourful, romantic days of minstrels and river boats…when a stormy love wrote the songs that America took to its heart forever!”

The Blue Bird

“We predict that for many years to come, you will remember The Blue Bird as the most beautiful picture ever made and the most human story ever told.”

My Son, My Son!

Starring Madeleine Carroll, Brian Aherne & Louis Hayward

“William Essex, the father; brilliant, strong-hearted, good…Oliver Essex, his son; young, gay, careless of life, careless of love…and Livia, loving them both…torn between their love for her….”


Starring Anna Neagle & Ray Milland

“Irene’s here…the girl from Poverty Row who outglamours New York’s gayest glamour gals to set male hearts a-dancing…Irene in her “Alice Blue gown”, and a glorious cast of favourites in spring’s grandest singing, swinging romance!”

The Thief of Bagdad

Starring Conrad Veidt, Sabu & June Duprez

“Dwarfing anything ever seen…a mountainous Genie piercing the clouds…flying horses winging over jewelled cities…a magic carpet that spans the world like the swiftest bird. All the glories, romance, adventure of the Thousand and One Nights – woven into a thrilling triumph of motion picture magic!”


Starring Jean Arthur & William Holden

“Turbulent adventure…set against the rich, romantic tapestry of early Arizona!”

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