Music For Gracious Living ~ Peter Barclay and his Orchestra [1955]

In 1955, record company Columbia released a set of five LP’s featuring the instrumental stylings of Peter Barclay and his Orchestra. The technicolour cover photographs encapsulate the ideal American family in a wonderfully cheesy/creepy way, and the back covers were full of helpful hints and even recipes to help make every occasion perfect.

From “After The Dance”

“When the dance is over at the club or civic centre, and the music seems to have stopped too early, it isn’t necessarily time to call it quits. For those who are young at heart and whose feet have caught the rhythm of the evening, a little more fun may be in perfect order. “Lets go back to our place” can be a joyous cry in the early hours – if you’re prepared. But, “Let’s go back to your place” can be a nightmare if you’re not. Here are some helpful hints to keep the smile on your face and your pose flying high.
If you’re the hostess, you’ll certainly want the house looking attractive – and to go on looking attractive yourself, without having to work in a hot kitchen. So fill your refrigerator early – with delicious and handsome foods to be served easily, hours after preparation. And keep the mood going with the right music – have it already selected and at hand. If you’re a bachelor host, you certainly should have one of those famous bachelor dishes ready; it’s expected of you, remember – and it had better be good, too. If you’re a bachelor girl, here’s your chance to be one of those gracious hostesses who seem ready for any emergency – and who appears to provide beautiful food as if by magic – without seeming to disappear for endless hours.
And, if you’re already parents of young teenagers, make your home an attractive rendezvous for the younger set after the prom is over. Help your daughter grow into a gracious hostess by planning with her the supper or snacks to be put in the refrigerator. Let her select the late movie on television they might plan to see, or the dance records which should be ready for quiet, late-night playing. Make her feel the house belongs to her for the evening. A son should feel his home is open to his friends, too. And teach him good eating speciality to increase his popularity in his group. Teach him the dignity of being a thoughtful host by letting him make the plans and assume the responsibility for an after-the-dance get-together.”

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