Pall Mall [1949-1953] Cigarette Adverts ~ Throat Scratch

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“Guard against throat-scratch.”

These ads for Pall Mall cigarettes date from 1949-53. They were all full page ads with red and white backgrounds, and black and white illustrated smoking busts.

Unfortunately none of the artwork have visible signatures, with the one exception by Mal Murley.

By 1952 the ads also contained illustrated background scenes full of smoking people in various leisure scenarios and much larger smokers.


“Puff by puff…you’re always ahead.”

These four ads from 1949 are the only ones I have found without any red in the background. The heads and hands were fully illustrated, with shoulders and cuffs in outline.


“Pall Mall’s greater length of fine tobaccos travels the smoke further.”

These ads all have a horizontal black stripe with the “puff by puff” tagline.


“…smoke Pall Mall, the cigarette whose mildness you can measure.”

These ads all had a “Puff Chart”, and little crowd scenes began to be included.


“Enjoy the smooth smoking of fine tobaccos.”

These ads all had much larger illustrations and busy background scenes.


“The finest quality money can buy.”

The background scenes became much more prominent in 1953 with the main smoker part of the surroundings.

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