“Pedwin” Brown Shoe Company ~ Men’s Shoe Adverts [1954-1958]

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“The top goes down, the style goes up!”

These ads for “Pewdin” men’s shoes by Brown Shoe Company date from 1954-58 where I have found four different styles of ads.

Up to 1956 the ads had a plain white background and a little sports-themed illustration around the pairs of shoes.

“Has style…will travel!”

The style changes a little in 1957, with a much larger logo and a coloured stripe behind a single shoe.

“Best looking shoes you can wear with chinos.”

Mid 1957 saw another change in style, moving away from sports to car illustrations in the background, and a change in logo font. The Brown Shoe Company logo also be come more prominent.

The last four ads from 1958 has a jazz theme with a photo-background and heralded a change in design for the following years ad style.

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