Poses ~ Lingerie Adverts [1949]

“Perfect support, greater comfort, new allure!”

This advert and magazine article are for Posĕs adhesive bras. They look like pastry boob hats.

“Gay, featherlight, lovely as flowers and comfortable as your skin. Posĕs come to America to add new glamour to your dress and figure. Better than a bra for underdress wear, cool and comfortable Posĕs mould and hold without binding and confining straps, wires or stays. Better than a halter for sportswear, safe and slightly Posĕs positively will not slip out of place, let you tan evenly on back and shoulders, allows you glorious new freedom of movement! And they’re on in a second. Just place them for the height and division you desire, press the edge with a forefinger, and voilà – enjoy security, support, smartness you’ve never known before! And that’s not all! Miraculous Posĕs will stay firm in place for days, if necessary, yet are instantly removable – and science has seen to it that no irritation to normal skin occurs and no sticky residue is left. Wear Posĕs whenever you want to look and feel your best – for strenuous sports or lazy sunning, for a perfect contour under daytime frocks, for a smart idea in evening dress. Order today – and remember – incomparable Posĕs are not yet available in stores, you must use the coupon below to get these enchanting and practical new necessities of a smart wardrobe. Get them in several colours. At this introductory price you can easily afford Posĕs for every costume and occasion.”

“Inventor claims they can also be worn for active sports.”

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