Raleigh [1970-1971] Cigarette Adverts

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“Spend a milder moment with the quiet taste of Raleigh.”

These ads for Raleigh cigarettes date from 1970-71 and featured couples smoking in golden sunset surroundings.

The long half-page ads were show in pairs with their sister brand Belair (menthol), one either side of a double page until Sep ’70 when they separated into a long halfpage ad for Belair and full page ad for Raleigh. They went back into pairs in 1971, with a few wide half-page ads then separated again.

Belair and Raleigh were owned by Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corporation.

“Longer than king size, milder than ever.”

“Spend a milder moment with Raleigh.”

These three ads were wide half-page ads with Belair on the opposite side. After these ads the style moved away from sunsets.

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