“Roblee” Brown Shoe Company ~ Men’s Shoe Adverts [1955-1958]

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“The open-collar feeling in leather.”

These ads for “Roblee” men’s shoes by Brown Shoe Company date from 1955-58. They were all cropped images of a man’s feet in nice shiny shoes, and many had a glamorous woman’s hand peeking in from the side.

“That’s the way it is. The help so kindly offered by this ever-loving helpmate was spurned this morning. How’s a wife to know these Roblees open up so wide you simply slip into them? Practically no hands.”

“Smart man starts new day with Roblee.”

1956 saw the addition of the above tagline.

“Something for the outgoing male.”

“Our friend will walk on air today.”

The “smart man” tagline was removed in 1957 and the Roblee typeface stretched.

“Quality at your feet.”

The ad style changed slightly in mid-1958 to include a larger logo for Brown Shoe Company and a slightly altered “open-collar” tagline, but otherwise remained much the same.

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