Avon “Small World” ~ Cosmetic Adverts & Packaging [1970’s]

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“Loveable. Collectable. That’s Avon’s Small World. A whole group of dolls in different sizes, from different places, all with pretty things inside. Like shampoo and cream lotion, DemiStick, soap, cologne mist and lip pomade. Almost cosmetics for almost grown-up little girls. Ask your Avon lady about Small World.”

Christmas of 1970, Avon began to produce an adorable line of cosmetics and bath items for girls called “Small World“. It was based on Disney’s “It’s A Small World” ride, with characters designed by Mary Blair.

There was a selection of bottles shaped like dolls from around the world, as well as several other items.

For comparison, here’s Walt Disney’s “It’s A Small World” LP, with cover deign by Mary Blair.

I love absolutely everything about this line! The products are cute and the packaging design is colourful and stylish, in a way only found on products of this era. I especially love the circular design found on the backs of most boxes. In fact, I love the packaging as much as the products!

“The enchanted world of little girls and their dolls is a world filled with laughter and love.”

There were eight doll bottles produced, measuring just over 5 inches (apart from the African one which was smaller at about 4 1/2 inches). Their heads came off to reveal the bottle tops. The cologne bottles were glass and all the rest were plastic. All heads were also plastic. They remind me of Russian Dolls.

Some second-hand sales give a few of these dolls names, but as their boxes make no mention of names I suspect they were only referenced in the Avon catalogues of the time.
This line included two bottles of Shampoo, two bottles of Cologne Mist and one smaller bottle of  Cologne, one bottle of Cream Lotion and two bottle of Bubble Bath.

There was one cardboard tub of Perfumed Talc produced which featured six different nationality girls on the packaging.

There were three differently scented Lip Pomades, sold in the same packaging which featured all three girls on the sides. They measured 3 1/2 inches.

There was one DemiStick (fragrances stick) with an Arabian girl design called Ali Barbara. It measured 3 1/2 inches.

There was one Perfume Rollette with a Native American girl design.

There were two Fragrance Pin Pals. The face would hinge open to reveal a little compartment inside with scented balm. They measures 1 3/4 inches. The girl in the white dress is dated 1970 and the blue one 1971.

There was a round Cream Sachet and a Love Dove Cream Sachet. Both jars were glass.

There was one box containing three heart shaped bars of Soap, called Love Cakes!

The image below is from the 1972 Avon Catalogue. These three items were sold together in a gift box, as well as individually.

Original images sources thanks to RobotRobot and eBay sellers brickhousevolvo, midgester, liberty_hill_collectibles, rtreehouse and yellowildflowers!

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