1847 Rogers Bros ~ Cutlery Adverts [1939-1945]

“America’s Finest Silverplate”
These celebrity endorsed ads for 1847 Rogers Bros cutlery date from 1939-45.

Category: Kitchen

Royal Crown Cola ~ Soda Adverts [1943-1948]

“Best by taste test!”
These half-page, black, white and red ads for Royal Crown Cola date from 1943-48. Each ad featured well a known actress of the time and their current staring role.

Category: Soft Drinks

Woodbury ~ Skin Care Adverts [1941] “Cold Cream”

“Want a Morning Glory complexion? Take a Woodbury Beauty Nightcap tonight.”
These ads for Woodbury Cold Cream are all from 1941. Each one featured a different famous actress of the time, plus a mention of the film they were currently starring in.

Category: Cosmetics