The Doctor Who Pattern Book ~ Craft Books [1984]

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“A galactic collection to knit and sew!”

The Doctor Who Pattern Book by Joy Gammon was published in 1984 and featured all kinds of weird and wonderful things to knit and sew.

“The Doctor Who Pattern Book contains a terrific variety of clothes, toys, cushions, bags and other desirable objects to knit and sew based on the ever popular BBC Television programmes.
The K9 shoulder bag, the TARDIS sleeping bag and the console floor cushion are just a few examples of Joy Gammon’s fertile imagination, and Romana’s sailor top, Adric’s anorak, and Peter Davison’s cricket jumper are destined to be fashion favourites for years to come.
The patterns are clearly and simply explained — there is even a How-to-Knit section with straightforward diagrams for the complete beginner — and the book is well illustrated with line drawings and 24 pages of colour photographs.”

Toys And Objects

My favourite object/toy and indeed photo is the cuddly yeti and furry action man on a day trip out in the cushiony TARDIS. I’m quite taken by the K9 shoulder bag and celery brooch (shown in the garments section), and the TARDIS door tidy look nifty too!

Knitted Objects And Toys

  • K9 Toy
  • Knit a Nasty
  • Time Lords In Action
  • Yeti
Sewn Objects And Toys

  • Celery Brooch
  • K9 Shoulder Bag
  • TARDIS Sleeping Bag-Quilt
  • TARDIS Tidy
  • Console Floor Cushion
  • TARDIS Cushion
  • K9 Cushion
  • Sew a Nasty
  • Cybermats
  • Puppet Theatre


Adric’s tunic could come in useful, but sailor tops are wrong in any universe. Sadly, there were no photos of Tegan’s boob tube. The Starburst jumper sounds great, but no photos of that either.

Knitted Garments

  • Diamond Jumper
  • Neon Jumper
  • Starburst Jumper
  • Cricket Jumper
  • Scarf
  • Nyssa’s Jacket
  • Romana’s T-Shirt
Sewn Garments

  • Adric’s Tunic
  • Romana’s Sailor Top
  • Tegan’s Boob Tube
  • Adric’s Anorak

The two moustachioed men seem to be taking the photo shoot a little too seriously!

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