Men’s Fashion Shoot [1973] “The Good Life”

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“If you’ve got it, flaunt it – elegantly!”

Ebony magazine’s April 1973 fashion shoot for men was all about colourful leisure looks with comfort, class, plaid and pinstripes. The photoshoot took the “tremendous trio” to the Caribbean island of Curacao where they lounged about on bridges, rock pools and against craggy walls.

The Good Life

“Ready to begin the “Good Life,” the tremendous trio arrives at Curacao’s Dr. Albert Plesman Airport, wearing (l to r) an elegant linen-polyester blend sports coat by Austin Reed of Regent Street, teamed with baggies by Blye and a jersey shirt by Simba; a cool cream texturized woven polyester weave suit by Hart Schaffner and Marx, worn with Geoffrey Beene plaid cotton shirt and linen Happy Tie: and Petrocelli‘s brick plaid polyester suit worn with Simba‘s tattersall cotton shirt.”

“This textured layered look (left) from Sears is just right for romancing at the Inter-Continental Harbour entrance. The young lady is in a matte jersey halter, by black designer Willi Smith.”

“Ideal for clam digging or just plain digging (right) the happenings at Blauw Beach are Dimitri‘s T-shirt of ribbed cotton, topping H. D. Lee‘s plaid cuffed baggies in cotton and a Wrangler striped tank top over pinstriped seersuckers.”

Always A Winner

“Win, loose or break even in the casino, he’ll always be a winner in this elegant three-piece Eagle suit. Wool, vested and trimmed in velvet, it is worn with a Geoffrey Beene print shirt, Hut plaid bow tie, and a flower in the lapel (for those who don’t use a pocket square).”

“For relaxing on the famous Queen Emma pontoon bridge, an Eagle Clothes plaid sport jacket (l) is worn with a pale top-stitched pants, a Geoffrey Beene shirt and Hut bow tie. Hammonton Park‘s bark weave polyester knit jacket with double patch pockets is worn over contrast textured pants. Both the tie and pocket square are from Handcraft.”

“Three great battle jacket looks (right) are worn by young men standing in front of Curacao’s pontoon bridge on the Punda side of St. Anna Bay . The battle jackets, all designed by International Fashions, include (l to r) a double wool knit with nail heads, a double wool pastel with shirred waist and cuffs, and a soft plaid cotton.”

“Taking in the scene at the floating market (left), the tremendous trio wear (l to r) an Eleganza print jersey shirt, topping big-cuffed, cotton seersucker pants; a shirt and saddle back jean look in chamois by H. D. Lee and bold cotton shirt by Simba teamed with Sears baggy pant with belt by Canterbury. The sandals are by Arrowmith.”

“This wool plaid suit (right) from Dimitri of Italy looks good in the midst of one of Curacao’s colourful and imaginative High Flying or Groovy parks, the island’s latest teen scene. Accessories include a handcrafted polka dot bow tie, Dexter‘s patent loafer, and a flower in the lapel to add an extra plus to an exquisite tailored look.”

Mwenda of Africa does a togolese printed “Jeromi,” (left) which doubles for lounging or as a cover-up for protection from the sun. Note the two side patch pockets and embroidery at the neckline of caftan. Sandals by Arrowsmith.”

“An authentic Nigerian Agbada (right), embroidered at the neckline, is worn over a “Boubou,” and, to complete the outfit, don a handwoven Moslem hat.”

“A rock formation at Blauw Beach )right) backs up Blye International‘s leather baseball jacket with contrast trimming and gripper closing plus top-stitched detailing. A Wrangler T-shirt underneath tops button pocket baggies.”

“Coming to the rescue of men who have trouble mixing and matching their clothes, Blye designs a three-piece sleeveless shirt jacket (l), with baggies and a jersey printed shirt. Dimitri (r) does a pastel zipper suit with a tunnel waistline. Accessories include Dexter‘s two-tone, clunky heal suede and patent shoes.”

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