The Great Pantyhose Crafts Books [1982 & 1985]

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“Recycle old pantyhose into dolls, wall hangings, musical boxes, holiday decorations, and much more!”

The Great Pantyhose Crafts Book by Ed & Stevie Baldwin was published in 1982, followed by it’s eagerly awaited sequel, More Great Pantyhose Crafts, in 1985.

“Recycle pantyhose and odds and ends of fabric to create 40 delightful projects. Complete step by step instructions and patterns. Over 400 easy-to-follow colour illustrations. Great gifts, family keepsakes, and best-selling bazaar items. Holiday decorations and terrific money-making creations.”

“A sequel to The Family Workshop‘s very successful Great Pantyhose Craftbook this delightful book shows how perfectly good pantyhose with just one little run can be recycled into projects that are both fun and unique. With step-by-step illustrations and full colour illustrations, the at-home craftsperson can create stuffed animals that children will love, a rainbow wall hanging for a baby’s room, a clown music box, dolls that seem to come to life, an enchanting assortment of holiday decorations, and much more.
“The Family Workshop is the brainchild of the husband and wife team of Ed and Stevie Baldwin. Originally it was a small, home business, but today the Baldwin’s plans for crafts and construction projects appear in nationally syndicated newspaper columns, as well as in Mother Earth News, The Homeowner, and other popular magazines. Ed and Stevie Baldwin make their home, together with their five children, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

These are my pick of the best from both books complete with descriptions. Three of my favourite creations include the leg stumps table, grandma chatting with a lady of the night, and the tampon hairclip. And don’t even get me started on the illustrated instructions…

The second book contained some spectacularly creepy illustrations. “Sock It Away” is a particularly fine example.

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