Westinghouse ~ Kitchen Appliance Adverts [1944-1945] “Laundromat”

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“To a man’s heart through his hide!”

These ads for the Westinghouse “Laundromat” washing machine date from 1944-45.

The appliance wasn’t yet available for sale due to WWII, and the ads all had something similar to this written at the bottom:

“You can look forward to the day when you can home-launder lingerie and all your other washables, easily and automatically in the Westinghouse Laundromat. All you do is simply “put ’em in – set the dials – take ’em out!” This revolutionary appliance is truly automatic: it fills itself with hot water, washed, rinses, spins the clothes amazingly dry, cleans and drains itself and shuts off.
It is a postwar “dream” product already come true, for it has seen more than two years of wartime service in twenty-five thousand American homes. We are working to speed the day when Westinghouse, maker of 30,000,000 worthy electric appliances, will offer you this new, patented method of home laundering – the Laundromat method. And that is why the Laundromat is worth waiting and saving for. Buy more War Bonds now.”

The ads from 1944 had little illustrations showing how to wash laundry until this wonder product became available, and there was also an offer for a free 48-page booklet with hints and tips too.



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