Women’s Fashion Shoot [1944] Fancy Feathered Hats

“Birds make them huge and elegant.”

These wonderful feathered hats are from Life magazine, October 1944.

“For several years now, women have been wearing almost anything on their heads except hats – fancy bows, flowers, headkerchiefs, ribbons, veils, combs. Now the reactions has set in suddenly and heavily. Hats are big, gaudy and elegant and they are unmistakably real hats. The biggest, gaudiest and most elegant of all the new fall hats are those with feathers.”

“Most useful bird to milliners is the ostrich, whose tail feathers can be made into long or short, curly or straight, dull or shiny trimmings. Stork feathers are treated to make soft and fluffy marabou. barnyard feathers and quills are pasted together to make fanciful birds. But peacock feathers, giddiest of them all, are ostracised because they are considered unlucky.”

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