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"Shake me - I giggle!"

SnuggleBumms were produced by Playskool in 1984 and MB from 1985. They were a series of funny, squat little characters with long furry backs for brushing. Baby Snugglebumms giggled when shook, and the adults lit up when hugged. There were also pets, bugs, miniatures and puzzles.

They were sold in the UK and other parts of Europe under varying names (none of which really mean anything!):

  • UK, US & Italy: SnuggleBumms
  • France: Les Bum-Bum
  • Germany: Knuffelbunt
  • Holland: TroelieWoelies

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There were a few other items made.


There were several puzzles produced, sold in various countries.

This is a publicity shot of the first five puzzles to be introduced.


There was one boardgame produced, sold in various countries.


"A button-on buddy to wear and share!"

There were four Button-Ons produced (Momma Brightly, Spritley, Warmly and Cutely. They were produced by Playskool in 1984.

Other Items

These are the other items I have found so far. I would guess that the cassette tape came with a storybook to read along with too.

Spritely Money Bank Sticker German Story Cassette Tape

There were also wall decor's.

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Snugglebumms :: Accessories