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PJ Sparkles
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 06:11 pm »
"I am looking for the name of a doll I had as a child in the early 90's. She was a princess and she had on a white dress and white shoes. I think maybe you could change the dress to a pink one. The big thing about this doll was she had a projector in her head. The crown covered it up. When you turned her on, her head would project pictures on the ceiling, there were flowers and hearts and roses. I would really like to know the name of this doll. It was one of my favourites as a child and I would like to get one for my little girl, thank you."
Mrs. Kirstin Grimes

UPDATE!!!Sarah Miller emailed me to say this doll is called Starbright Sparkles, and belonged to the PJ Sparkles line produced by Mattel. Sarah remembers the song from the commercial to be:

"Starbright Sparkles - when you spin her crown, see the colour go round. You fill my world with love.
When I go to sleep tonight, I know your love will shine so bright. Starbright Sparkles"

Go to my PJ Sparkles page.

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