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Bradley's Dolls
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 06:14 pm »
Tracy emailed me this description:

"Can you ID these dolls? I had the first one in 1972 and my last in approx 1983. I have about six. They were known as dressing table dolls. Some were dressed in National costume; but most were just dressed as pretty ladies with big hats and parasols. The biggest one is around 1ft high; she has shoes fixed to a stand but all the others just have like nylon stuffed legs fixed to stands. Their faces are painted on a polystyrene ball with has a silky thread covering it. They all have long pinned up hair & full face make up.
I put them on ebay a while ago but within minutes I had 25 watchers so I removed them. I haven't seen them on any collectable doll site all the web."

I was emailed identifying these dolls as Bradley's Dolls.

For more information on them visit the link below.

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