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Author Topic: Baby Buddies ~ Littlest Pet Shop  (Read 2866 times)

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Baby Buddies ~ Littlest Pet Shop
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 06:17 pm »
These little toys were sent in by Jenn, who says:

"Hi, I was wondering about a couple small dolls I found with my old stuff. I've had them since the early 90s, so I'm not actually sure if they're from the 80s, but pretty close. I had 3 at one point, but lost one as a child. I remember it being in a crawling position, wearing a pink diaper. All of the dolls are very small, about the size of my thumb [but a little wider]. They are hard plastic, with moveable arms, legs and heads, and fake hair pigtails, with plastic bows that are painted onto the heads. All of these that I've ever seen have had black hair.
Also, each one has something different about it, for example, the one in the purple came with a bottle, and her arms move up and down together to make her drink. The one in the pink dress has very loose legs, and came with a walker on wheels. Each one also has a dark pink/fuchsia coloured bracelet with a logo on it on one wrist. When I got them, they came with a pink plastic dollhouse, 2 stories, very simple, with some sticker furniture & paintings on the walls, as well as coming with simple plastic furniture and 2 kittens. Thanks a bunch!"

These little dolls are from a series called Baby Buddies by Kenner. They were sets of babies and pets with various small accessories.

The pets and pet accessories are most probably from Kenner's Littlest Pet Shop, but could also have been sold as Baby Buddies.
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