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My Beautiful Doll
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 06:27 pm »
Lana emailed me with this description:

"I have to find out what the name of these dolls are. They were made in 1988 by Hasbro. They were 18" tall, fully poseable, thanks to the way there limbs were attached. Each limb was attached by black elastic cord. The head was also attached this way. I believe that these dolls came with a locket containing a picture of themselves on one side and a place for our picture on the other side. These dolls remind me of the American Girl Dolls. I hope someone can help. I have found several of these dolls on E-bay but no one has a name for them. Thanks."

Mel also emailed me about these dolls and included three images of her own dolls in the hope someone may recognise them.

These dolls are from a series called My Beautiful Doll produced by Hasbro in 1989.

Go to my My Beautiful Doll page.

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