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Love-A-Bye Baby
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 06:29 pm »
Kimi emailed me this description:

"I was wondering if anyone could help me identify a set of dolls. They were babies, about 4 inch in height. Their bodies were hollow plastic, but soft to the touch, matte, poseable and chubby. There was a group of them, and had clothes and playsets you could buy as well. Their legs and arms weren't straight, but positioned as a baby would have them. They came out around the time Bouncin' Babies I think, maybe late 80's. The two I remember having for sure were white girls, one had shoulder length, straight blond hair the other had red, curly hair. There were others too, including boys. Can anyone help?? Thanks."

Kimi emailed me to say she had identified her doll as Love-A-Bye Baby, produced my Hasbro in 1987.
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