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Good Puppy
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 06:30 pm »
Amy emailed me with this description:

"Could you help me with a toy? It was a hard plastic brown dog that sat upright. You could give him a bone or biscuit then it would drop down into his tummy where you could open the tummy compartment to retrieve the biscuits. I think they were in bone shape. The dog came with four or five biscuits. I had this dog in the early 80's. Maybe 1982. I have looked all over eBay and the web and the closest looking dog was a dog by IDEAL and one from Romper Room. But these were not the ones. My dog did not walk or do anything but eat the biscuits. Thank you so much for your help."


Identified as Good Puppy, produced by Coleco in 1980.
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