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Enchanted Kingdom
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 06:36 pm »
Melissa emailed be this pony description:

"I had a bunch of smaller (perhaps 5 inches tall or so, just a smidgen taller than My Little Ponies) hard bodied plastic horses. They came in various colours with rooted manes and tails. They had snap-on saddles that were made of rigid plastic with a cushion on top (generally a velour like material for the body of the cushion and some type of ric-rac or lace trim around the cushion). They were sold on cards in much the same fashion as My Little Ponies were, but they were definitely NOT My Little Pony toys. They were not the Dream Beauties by Hasbro, they were quite a bit smaller."
Melissa K.

Several people have emailed me to say these ponies are from a series called Enchanted Kingdom, which after viewing and image Melissa confirms are her ponies. They were produced by Marchon (who also made Fantasy Fillies and Grand Champion ponies), but as there is nothing on the internet about them I can't add them to my site yet.

If you have any images I can use to create a page then please email me.
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Re: Enchanted Kingdom
« Reply #1 on: Monday 19 April 2010, 10:25 pm »
Hi some one has  posted a web site for these toys . I had one of these and some one just identified it.

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