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Author Topic: Update Lady Lovely OR Lemon Meringue to trade 4 Rose Petal doll in any condition  (Read 2790 times)

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Hello! I am new to these forums but I have a very well-established Etsy shop if anybody wanted to check out my trustworthiness! crimsonetclover.etsy.com

Additionally I have a very pretty Lady Lovely Locks with a nice dress on to trade for rose petal dolls.

I have a pretty nice Lemon Meringue, in her dress only, dated 1979 on her head. Her hair is wild but still curly, and her face is slightly dirty, but that will come off. I'll post pictures soon, or you can request one if I forget!

I'd like to trade her straight across, for a Rose Petal Place doll. Her hair and paint can be messed up, but please no gouges or bites! I don't care about her outfit or accessories, but of course that would be nice!

We each pay shipping on our own item and trade straight across.  We can even do it over Etsy if you wish, that way it's sort of documented.

Thank you!
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