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Author Topic: Tipee Toes ~ Moppet's Secret Nursery ~ Sunshine Kids  (Read 3002 times)

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Tipee Toes ~ Moppet's Secret Nursery ~ Sunshine Kids
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 07:05 pm »
Diana emailed me three doll descriptions, all of which have now been identified:

1. "The first doll I am looking for wore a red and white polka dot dress and pushed her own yellow stroller while you did. Do you have any idea of her name? I see her mentioned on other sites, but no name listed.

2. "The second doll (left) came in a little nursery that was completely covered over with a gingham cloth. She has a bath, and crib and everything that came in her nursery. Marked Fran Mar Ltd 1981, 4 inches high. Please help me figure out who she could possibly be."

3. "The third doll I am searching for was a knock-off of Cabbage Patch Kids, and I believe was called Sunshine Kids or something like that. I have never seen one since mine was given away and am looking for one"

Sincere thanks, Diana

1. Megan identified the first doll as Tipee Toes produced by Mattel.
2. Diana has managed to ID the second doll herself, she's from Moppet's Secret Nursery.
3. Marci emailed me to confirm that Diana's third doll is indeed one of the Sunshine Kids, which were produced by Playmate in the early 80's.
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