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« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 07:15 pm »
Amy emailed me this doll description:

"I am trying to ID a new item from the 80's. It was a small doll, the best that I can describe it as is a Polly Pocket sized Barbie doll. They came in small packages with a doll and a outfit, they had a cowgirl one and many others, they were about the size of Polly but looked like a mini barbie, they had real hair and movable arms and legs and the clothes were cloth not rubber/plastic, and they came with tiny shoes, hats and other accessories. They may have been made by Barbie but it was so long ago, early to mid 80's. They looked a lot like the mini Barbie's in Happy Meals."
Thanks, Amy

Thanks to Zuse and Shelba who both ID-ed this doll as the line Dazzle, produced by Mattel in 1981.
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