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« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 07:17 pm »
Rusty emailed me these dinosaur stationary toy descriptions and images:

Pencil TopperClips & Pterodactyl Scissors Pterodactyl Scissors Catalogue Scan

"These aren't really dolls but they were made in the 80's. I've been hunting for a stegosaurus tape measure that I had when I was a small child in the 80's. The stegosaurus looked sort of like a zoid or a robot. It's mouth opened to reveal a single metal tooth, that was really the end of tape measure. I'm pretty sure that I got the stegosaurus as part of a set that included pterodactyl folding scissors and a t-rex pencil sharpener. I'm fairly certain I got the set at the gift shop of the Smithsonian Institute of Natural History in Washington D.C. After much searching I found the pterodactyl on ebay it came in a lot with two pencil topper clips. This was a loose/unboxed lot. The pterodactyl has "Bandai 1985" stamped on it and the pencil toppers are marked "Bandai 1986". The seller did not know anything about them except that they were made by Bandai in 1985 and 1986. The seller was in England. Whatever these were, they made it out of Japan to Europe and the USA then promptly disappeared."

Thanks to Zuse who identified these toys as Diplodo produced by Bandai in 1985/86. There was a french cartoon series too.
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