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Author Topic: Small Plastic Dolls with Country Style Clothing [Aug 2008]  (Read 3421 times)

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Small Plastic Dolls with Country Style Clothing [Aug 2008]
« on: Sunday 07 March 2010, 05:55 pm »
Mara emailed me this description:

"When I was little, my mother got these cute dolls for my sister and I. I specifically remember them being purchased at Child World in Dedham, MA, US. This was from around the Strawberry Shortcake and Holly Hobbie era. I want to say that these were made around 1982-1984.

These dolls had plastic, chubby faces like Strawberry Shortcake dolls, but with simple features, like moon-eyes with a wedge taken out, little smiles, and cloth bodies. They were about Strawberry Shortcake size, very simple, with emphasis on the country charm. They had velcro on their hands so they could hold stuff, hold each other, whatever. They typically came with some sort of little piece of furniture, made of thin wood with a one-colour silkscreen paint job. They had notches in them so you could put them together yourself.
I remember having a doll with light pink hair, a raspberry-coloured body with white polka-dots, and a light pink jumper over. There was a baby doll, and all I can remember is that her hair was glued on. All of these dolls had yarn hair glued on to their scalps.

Additional accessories could be had. My sister had a school desk for one of her dolls that I remember I really liked because it had a hinged top (that eventually broke). I remember a cradle, and I think the pink doll came with a chair. I know there was a couch, too.

Whoever made these dolls didn't sink a lot of money into advertising or artwork - I think all of the packaging showed photos of the dolls and playsets, but I don't recall any complex artwork on the packaging. I'm pretty sure they were not released by one of the major toy companies of that era, either. All of these factors make finding these dolls very difficult!

I'm going crazy trying to remember them. My mother recently found them, but threw them out due to extensive damage. I'd love to find them again.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you!"

  • Possibly Honey Hill Bunch from the mid '70's - awaiting confirmation
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Re: Small Plastic Dolls with Country Style Clothing [Aug 2008]
« Reply #1 on: Wednesday 10 March 2010, 07:14 pm »
If they were Honey Hill Bunch dolls, their tush tags would say Mattel on them.

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Re: Small Plastic Dolls with Country Style Clothing [Aug 2008]
« Reply #2 on: Wednesday 10 March 2010, 07:23 pm »
Hi there, I'm Mara! Nope, they were definitely not the Honey Hill Bunch (I had paper dolls of them, incidentally, and they were one of my favorites). They had cloth hair. They weren't released by Mattel or Hasbro, and I don't even think they were made/distributed by any "major" name toy maker.

I should also mention that these dolls were about Strawberry Shortcake-sized, but distinctly different with the yarn hair and cloth bodies.
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