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Author Topic: Bubble Belles by Kenner, 1990  (Read 2896 times)

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Bubble Belles by Kenner, 1990
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 07:31 pm »
Jessie emailed me this doll description and drawing:

"Hello! I have been trying to identify this doll I had LOVED about 14 years ago (c.1995). I got it from a thrift store bag of toys so there was no telling what her name was. Attached is a VERY vague sketch of what I think she looked like. She was a bit smaller than barbie, had dark curly purple hair, and was poseable at the shoulders and hips. Her legs were straight in ballerina fashion and she had ballet looking slippers. Her long legs were the coolest part because they were translucent and glittery. Maybe opalescent. No clothes came with but I'm pretty sure she had a molded leotard type thing that a skirt probably went over. The face in the sketch is probably way off! I think her eyes were outlined in purple but I don't know the iris colour. She had a very pretty face though! I used to pretend she was a space ballerina but for all I know she could be a fairy, haha. Thank you for your time!"

Thanks to Jessie herself who is 85% sure that her doll is Pearl from Bubble Belles!

Go to my Bubble Belles page!

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