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Author Topic: Small Dolls with Clip-On Clothing, Treasure Chest Box & Scene Setters [Sep 2008]  (Read 5491 times)

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Jo emailed me this description:

"I wonder if you can help. I'm not sure but I think it would be from the 80's. I used to have some little dolls with jointed legs and arms, about modern polly pocket size, that had clip on plastic clothes. The doll came in a treasure chest shaped pink box with a blue handle on top. with the name of the doll in a circle in blue writing. They were about 4 inches high, quite delicate with lovely detailed shoes, handbags, hats and two sided clip on clothes all made from plastic. They also had little room scene-setters you could buy about 5 by 8 inches which stacked on top of each other. My original dolls are long gone, but I'd love to know what they were so I can look out for them on ebay.
They sold them in a shop called Fords, they must have been out about the same time as Cabbage Patch dolls. Maybe they were some cheap non branded thing, but they seemed to be quite well made. I wish I still had one but sadly they were binned long ago."

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Any updates on these?
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Could they be the dolls on either side of this picture, no name, but someone said that they remembered them having clip on clothing.

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