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Author Topic: Krystal Princess (Playskool)  (Read 3499 times)

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Krystal Princess (Playskool)
« on: Wednesday 25 May 2011, 09:28 am »
Love the work you do, this website is amazing! Krystal Princesses were my favourite toys as a child, and I have some info you might find useful.

I have paper inserts from the packaging of the dolls, from which you can ID the remaining unnamed female dolls (Fairies, Ballerinas and Butterflies).

The inserts also show a picture of the free Krystal Princess Pendant you could order with proof of purchase of two dolls.

Finally, the backs of the inserts have personalised poems for each doll. I have the inserts from:
Snow Dreams

If you like, I can provide scans for any of this info.

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Re: Krystal Princess (Playskool)
« Reply #1 on: Saturday 28 May 2011, 09:03 am »
Hi Eniala, scans would be fantastic! Thanks for naming the three un-named dolls too. I assume they are names thus (please correct if wrong):




I'm really looking forward to seeing your scans when you get the chance!
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Re: Krystal Princess (Playskool)
« Reply #2 on: Monday 11 July 2011, 03:39 am »
Hello, here are the long-promised scans.  I tried sending them by email but the file was too large.

I've uploaded them to my Photobucket album but I can try sending them directly to you again if this doesn't work.  The quality of my scans is much better than the Photobucket images.

Those names  are correct.  Hope this has all been helpful!
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