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Author Topic: Fluffy Surprise by Vivid Imaginations, 1998  (Read 3001 times)

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Fluffy Surprise by Vivid Imaginations, 1998
« on: Friday 12 March 2010, 07:47 pm »
Louisa emailed me this toy description:

"I'm looking for a toy that was around in maybe the early to mid 90's. It was a plastic toy (dog I think) purple, and it's body was covered in very fine purple fluff (a bit like a feather boa). It had a longish tail made of this fluffy stuff. In one front paw it held a pink plastic ring which could be undone and clipped onto things, and I think it came with two smaller models, that could be like a ring or a hair clip? I've found absolutely nothing on the internet at all for these, and they're not the toys that came with velcro tail extensions, it just had the one tail. This is about all I can remember. If you could help at all that would be great as it's driving me mad!
Thanks so much."

Thanks to Nola who identified this puppy as Fluffy Surprise, produced by Vivid Imaginations in 1998.
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