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Author Topic: Anyone want to take part in a Jem cartoon fanfic continuation?  (Read 2390 times)

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Anyone want to take part in a Jem cartoon fanfic continuation?
« on: Wednesday 08 June 2011, 04:43 am »
Hey, all.  I'm Rodimus_2316, and am organizing some 80's Hasbro cartoon continuations.  So far, I've got both a G1 Transformers and a G.I. Joe ARAH (Sunbow only) sites started:


The point of these is to continue them from their cancelled point, with fan-written text "episodes", and sound like a genuine continuation from that time.  The traditional toy-intro pattern will also be continued from where left-off, and get in as many of the latter-unused toys as possible.  The TF site has been established for awhile, but I just recently started the GI Joe one.  I know that the Jem cartoon was in-continuity with G1 and GI Joe, and that, as with Jem, they were based on their own toy-lines, and that Jem toys were instead dolls.  My question is: Were there any Jem dolls that never made it to the series?  Either skipped for some reason, or the show was cancelled before all could've been put in there, or something like that?  If so, how about a virtual continuation?  Even if that didn't happen here, or the show wasn't totally based on toys like G1 and Joe, a Jem continuation could be done anyway?

Please LMK your thoughts, or have questions.  I could also setup a virtual Jem site, if this gets interested parties, but would hope someone else could do it instead.  Not sure how much more web-space I can spare.  I have seen all of the Jem reruns so far on The Hub, but never saw much of the show from back in the day when it was on TV, so I doubt I could write for it, but would still gladly help in other ways.

I also posted this on the General Toy Discussion board.

Thank you for your time. :)
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