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Author Topic: SpaceTubes (Glitter Wands)  (Read 8606 times)

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Re: SpaceTubes (Glitter Wands)
« Reply #15 on: Friday 01 August 2014, 11:50 am »
Oh wow! I love these! I know I had some glitter wands as a kid. Not sure if any were any particular brand.
I remember one time riding my bike with one stuck in the handle bar tube...went close to a wall and it broke in half. Was so annoyed.
I was crazy about them as a kid and got some when I was a little older too (around 9-11 years old) from a $2 stores they kept good too! No idea whatever happened to them.

I still really love 'glitter wands' (as I called them) and would love to buy them again!