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Author Topic: No picture but I know the name. PULL ALONG SMART PUPPY.  (Read 1824 times)

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No picture but I know the name. PULL ALONG SMART PUPPY.
« on: Saturday 20 August 2011, 01:20 am »
There is a toy I'm holding up in my first birthday photo, I'm unable to take a picture of it at the moment (it would be blurry anyway) but the toy I'm looking for was manufactured anywhere between the late 70's to 1989.

[I received it in 1989, for my first birthday, but I also grew up with toys which came from the mid to late 70's which is why it's a possibility it goes back that far]

It's packaging is a square plastic bag held by a cardboard name which reads the name "PULL ALONG SMART PUPPY" and the cardboard is white, the letters are red.

The toy is a pull along toy which looks like a red and yellow puppy. It's called a PULL ALONG SMART PUPPY.

It's all plastic. and yellow bodied, mainly.

It's ears are red and yellow and have a multicolored/checkered bowtie.

It has 4 color/spiral wheels of green, red, and yellow. And on one wheel there is a blue spiral.

It has a metal bell on the tail end which you can ring and a handle on top with multicolor rings to push and play with. The rings appear to be yellow, green, and blue.

It's got a black nose and a red and yellow face and eyes. The eyes are blue with a black iris and 2 white dots for sparkle.

All in all, it looks like a thin and flat toy, plastic, with plastic wheels.

What I'm looking for is if there is a photo of the toy somewhere and a manufacture year. And anything else that can be told about it. And if it is somewhere, I could maybe purchase it one day.
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