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Author Topic: MLP SWAP ???  (Read 2567 times)

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« on: Saturday 29 October 2011, 11:21 pm »
hey i have the fallowing to swap for gen one mlp i do not have !

i am seeking to swap the bait ones for other baits i do not have !

1. so soft gusty  flocking almost gone horn missing and a purple marker steak on the face

2.  windy  no tail but the main is intact other wise clean and no symbol rub

3. bow tie no tail but other wise in good shape

4. sky dancer good shape but with no tail and mane has been cut

5.  moon dreamer mane has several plugs missing and has bad symbol rubbing

6. sky flier good shape but the horn is missing

7. secret star key and saddle missing and has many paint scuff marks

8. apple jack has a good body but no tail and the mane is cut


1.  dibbles is in very good shape and the mane and tail are good and have curls but are dry

( hoping to trade this one for shovels if possible )

2.  very good shape rattles and tattles  (hoping to trade for any twin set i do not have)


1. golden delicious in good shape but has a lipstick streak under left eye !

2. star catcher is in good shape but has a purple streak on the chest

( i would  like to trade these for any gen one i do not have )